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You've arrived at my secret part of the web.  Not too many people scroll down to a person's bio page, let alone click on things. But you did. I'll warn you now, nothing is perfect here. Not grammar, not pictures, not videos, NOTHING. You don't have to be perfect here either. This is your formal invitation to my real online community and where I spend my time when I'm not writing or directing a film project. My community if very important to me and now you're here. If you know me or have been following me, you know I rarely post on social media unless I have a project coming out. Social media is kinda weird for me but you'll get to know all that if you stick around. I'll post here pretty regularly though. This is where I'll be spending most of my time. I also have a chat to the bottom right if you want to talk to me. You can feel free to share personal stuff if you need someone to talk to, life can be hard and humans can be weird lol. Sometimes will take longer than others but I'll always respond. And did I mention that I'm not proofing shit? I'm not rereading or proofing shit, I'm just typing it up and posting. Raw and real with no care about being judged here. This is where my real community will be. As I grow as a movie director and take over the world, we'll always be able to talk here in this secret place. 


This is my blog

If you've read the passage above, you are aware that I ain't proofing shit lol. This is the place I share my thoughts behind film, movies, the world etc. Never had a blog, don't know how to blog but I'm going to share my thoughts and creative decisions.  I'm a very deep thinker. If you are too then you belong here. Talk and comment back to me, I want to know you.
Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
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